Happy Friday the 13th: A new horror blog is born!

Welcome to The Horror Booth and thank you for reading the first post on this blog. It just so happens that this entry is being written on a Friday the 13th; it was not intentional, but as a horror fanatic, this is very cool.

Of course, this day causes a lot of long time horror aficionados to reflect back on one of the most popular and iconic series of horror films: Friday the 13th and its countless installments (I for one, don’t mind if a Friday the 13th Part. 57 is released, I will be more than happy to watch).

This kind of reflection, which to most horror fans around my age (33) comes as no surprise that it brings back memories of childhood; over-sized VHS tapes and small independent video stores of days gone by. I remember a few times growing up having the video store person phoning my parents to see if they would give permission to rent one of the many horror tapes in the store. Thankfully, my parents were pretty easy-going when it came to that, and I got to watch many great and not so great horror films in my young days.

Series like Friday the 13th were always repeat rentals for my friends and I growing up, often wearing off the VHS tapes in the process – not that the store minded I’m sure.

To me, Friday the 13th and it’s iconic masked killer, Jason, brings back that feeling I used to have as a kid. The excitement of getting together with friends and having late night horror movie marathons after having to beg parents to allow us to stay up as late as we wanted. Luckily, my parents I think back in those days thought these movies were just ridiculous fodder that would be harmless for a 10 or 11-year-old to watch.

Do I have a favorite installment in the Friday series? It’s a tough call, but back in those days I wasn’t a big fan of Part. 1, 2 or even 3 to some extent. Looking back now, I would probably consider those to be my favorite installments in the series. Part 2. in particular is the one I really enjoy now with the Potato Sack over the head wearing Jason (ha ha).

On this April 13, 2012, I will be going to see the movie The Cabin in the WoodsI am very much looking forward to it. I will be back with a post on that film and my thoughts and review of it.

Have a safe and happy Friday the 13th!




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7 Responses to Happy Friday the 13th: A new horror blog is born!

  1. Excellent write-up!

    I’m probably in the VERY miniority here, but part 5 is my fave, tied by part 6. The drug store I would rent VHS tapes from eventually stopped renting them around 1990. They sold all their VHS tapes, and my mom bought me a LOT of them (Gremlins, Hell of the Living Dead, Mortuary, and some others I can’t remember) and one of them was Friday the 13th part 5. I spent a lot of time watching that one as a kid…I spent more time playing the NES game though, never did beat that son of a bitch. Dumb ass kids would never leave the cabin with me and ended up getting killed.

    • jpthorn says:

      I remember the NES game fondly, also. As bad as it was, it was still cool because you would anticipate Jason popping up on the screen with that amazing 8-bit music.

  2. Happy Friday the 13th 🙂

  3. I loved that stupid game back in the day! Did you ever fight his mom in the cave?

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