Book Review: Carnage Road

I will admit. From time to time I hesitate to devour entertainment involving zombies. Don’t get me wrong – I have been a fan of the sub-genre from a very young age, however, the past decade or so in my opinion, has seen Zombies become the new Vampire in terms of mainstream popularity. At times I have just become bored with the genre and needed to take a break from it. This book was a VERY refreshing change from the usual zombie story.

Carnage Road by author Gregory Lamberson was enjoyable from start to finish. It is a well written tale that doesn’t feel forced from the author, and I always had the impression while reading it, that this story just came so natural for him – as if he was writing it in his sleep, and I mean this as a compliment.

The story involves two motorcycle gang members from Buffalo, New York, who are very close friends, trying to survive in a zombie infested world. They travel America (they should have went to Canada – you will see what I mean when you read it) after the rest of their gang perishes and come across some interesting foes – not all of them are zombies either. The two main characters in this story, Boone and Walker, are very interesting and Lamberson does a phenomenal job of establishing these characters quickly. I felt like I knew these guys for years.  The humans in this story are uglier and filthier than the zombies themselves.

There is plenty of social commentary sprinkled throughout the story, as well as a very memorable scene at a movie theater where one of the characters decided in the middle of a zombie apocalypse – that it would be a good idea to go and catch a flick. Pure entertainment.

The action is fast, gory and brutal most of the time, but it is not a mindless zombie story by any means. Lamberson has crafted a story that even the most passive fan of zombie fiction should get their hands on and read.

Rating: 5/5


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2 Responses to Book Review: Carnage Road

  1. James Newman says:

    I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of ASAP. I’m sick and tired of zombies, but CARNAGE ROAD sounds like a fun ride. Plus, Greg’s a great guy and one hell of a wrtier.


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