Meshuggah: Toronto, Canada – May 17, 2012 at The Sound Academy

The Meshuggah concert last night was amazing; the band really brought it! They were loud, tight and very cohesive; the crowd ate it up. There are not too many bands out there that I’ve seen first-hand that have the kind of power and raw stage presence that these guys do. They don’t try to shower the crowd with clichéd banter between songs – they just play the hell out of their music with a fierce passion, and that raw energy really came through last night. Meshuggah’s stage set-up was striking, with the back-splash art design very impressive. The lighting worked extremely well with this set-up. If the music wasn’t already overloading your senses, the visuals did a good job in doing so.

The other bands on the bill were: Decapitated and Baroness. Decapitated kicked things off on this night. The sound seemed kind of rough to me at first, but these guys are good performers and as their set continued, I noticed a bit less of an issue with the sound. Who knows, it may have been the venue’s issue, but most of the shows I’ve been to at The Sound Academy have always sounded very good, or fair at least. Overall, Decapitated more than did their duty; definitely a way above average job compared to a lot of bands that open most shows. Their lead vocalist,Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski, could also be seen hanging out by the merch tables and was a friendly guy who made time for his fans, which is always cool to see.

As far as the band, Baroness is concerned, I can’t really comment, since my friends and I weren’t really interested in seeing them and took that opportunity to go have some beers outside, ’cause the weather was beautiful.

All in all it was a great night of heavy music in Toronto. I can’t wait for Heavy T.O. in August!


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2 Responses to Meshuggah: Toronto, Canada – May 17, 2012 at The Sound Academy

  1. Those pics are awesome!

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