A Dream I Had Last Night


For the past year or so, I have had more nightmares than usual. Normally, I’m the type of person that rarely remembers dreams, but in more recent times, they have not only increased in frequency, but intensity as well.

A lot of these nightmares, which I think fall just short of being pure, unadulterated night terrors, involve ghosts showing up in the most familiar environments to me i.e. the kitchen, bedroom, etc. A lot of times when these occur, I wake up my wife, and in a couple of occasions, I scare the hell out of her by waking up gasping in fear.

I had an ex-girlfriend that truly, and genuinely suffered from regularly occurring night-terrors, and I clearly remember being jolted by when she would suddenly sit up in bed, screaming at the top of her lungs with eyes wide open. The roles have reversed, I guess, with my wife now being the recipient, but to be fair to me, my “near-night terrors” are not as high-frequency, or high-intensity as my ex’s were.

Last night’s dream was one that I had no trouble remembering when I woke up in the morning of Friday, July the 13th. The first thing wifey asked me when she saw me was “tell me what it was about.”

The dream took place at my in-laws’ house, although, it was not anything like their current real-life home. There was a massive storm brewing outside, but nobody payed much attention to it except for me, who was curious about the odd colours developing in the sky. When I opened the window fully to look, I saw what was the scariest, most disturbing looking tornado I have ever seen in my life; not even in movies have I seen anything like it. The skies looked like a hellish-red colour taken right from the designer that built The Devil’s Halls. The distance between the tornado and the house was very small and the sheer enormity of it made it seem like it was already on top of us.


As with most dreams, logic was really lacking. Despite this absolute monstrosity that was heading towards the house, my wife and her folks seemed oblivious as to what was going on. I urged everybody to get downstairs and into the basement – it was as if my “conscious” mind was thinking of proper safety procedures in such a situation – not that I’ve ever been in it before.

Once everyone was downstairs in the basement, we looked out the windows again to watch the nastyness that was going on outside – its really tough to put into words what a horrific storm it was and how that tornado was like a real live walking fury from the deepest bowels of Hell unleashed upon the earth. Suddenly, my wife and I both heard a voice clear as day saying, “Hi girl” in a language other than English, but we both understood what was said. We looked at each other and knowingly acknowledged what we had both heard and knew it was neither of her parents voices that had called out like that. Next thing I remember doing in-dream, was look towards one of the open basement doors and running towards it with my wife. Suddenly a figure was standing at that doorway, wearing a green uniform that looked like an old-school officer’s uniform and even maybe something the Nazi soldiers would have worn. The figure which was a man, pointed a gun towards us and said, “You’re under arrest!”
He was all talk apparently as he didn’t do shit all with the gun and so I chased him into that unknown room in the basement. Suddenly as I gave chase, he stopped suddenly and quickly turned around. His face became very ghastly all of a sudden and it ended with it just rushing towards my face as the nightmare ended.


It was as if that ghost got angry real quick when it realised I was chasing it as if it were the hunted. I scoured the internet searching for a picture that might be close to the way that ghost’s face was when it charged me, but I couldn’t find any that looked close to it. It was just such unbridled anger and evil…

I told myself I will make it a habit to write down and record whenever I have such dreams. I wish I would have done it a long time ago. It would be so interesting to go back and read up on other dreams I’ve had. Perhaps I will continue to share them on here from now on.

If you’re reading this – have you had similar nightmares? Any particular ones that jump out at you?


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10 Responses to A Dream I Had Last Night

  1. I’ve had night terrors since I was a kid. I had them really bad back in fifth grade after watching the first Evil Dead for the first time. I had seen part 2 more times than I could count by that point, but the original was unseen and it really screwed my head up.

    But yeah, I have some nights where I’m awake but still asleep and trapped in my own head. Not good. Had a really intense instance of sleep paralysis too but I was like 8 when that happened. As for my dreams, there are quite a few of them that I’d never share with anyone for the honest fear that people would stop talking to me.

    But when I get one I can share, I’ll be sure to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jpthorn says:

      It’s interesting that you bring up sleep paralysis. I’m positive I’ve had that happen to me at least a few times. It felt like someone was holding me down and choking me so I couldn’t get my scream out. Creepy stuff and not a pleasant experience.

      You can email those dreams you speak of to me if you wish too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I remember the sleep paralysis thing VERY vividly and it happened over 20 some years ago. I could NOT move, NOT scream, NOT do anything. It was really terrifying.

  2. theipc says:

    Thorn – I don’t now how old you and deathstalker are but I am now in my low 40s and have been having terrifying, lucid dreams for years. They are usually of the “I wake up and get out of bed and go to the living room and something’s slightly different. My wife is there and sometimes my deceased cat and our dogs, but things are “different”. Like – it’s Christmas, or the back doors are French instead of sliding, or my old cat is there. As long as I don’t go out the front door, everything’s ok, but if I go outside things are F-ed.” Then I wake up and get out of bed and go to the living room and things are different and my wife is there and then I wake up and I have to really figure out if it’s “now” or not. Sorry for the long comment but I’ve actually never had anyone to mention this to.

    • jpthorn says:

      That is very interesting and disturbing at the same time, especially the part about waking up and not sure if you were just dreaming or not. It sounds almost like it was an out of body experience. I have had a couple of those in the past where I actually felt like I was leaving my body. On one instance, I was actually looking down on myself. To me still, the most disturbing of all are the paralyzing ones.

  3. This sounds to me like a positive dream about you facing your fears no matter what form they take, given the insistence that your family go to the basement and the fact that you chased the Nazi. Even realizing your own power in life can be a frightening thing, which is why people tend to stay disempowered even when they have a choice. At least, my therapist would say something like that. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And yeah, I have nightmares too. Probably a common thing among horror fans, hence the fandom which is probably us seeking to be afraid in a more controlled environment.

    • jpthorn says:

      Interesting interpretation. I like that you put a positive spin on it, ha ha! Good point about horror fans likely having a lot of these kind of strange dreams.

  4. mistylayne says:

    I have nightmares every night to the point where I don’t sleep a lot any more. They vary but the most intense ones have been about the apocalypse (there was a series of dreams. My dreams tend to be like a movie or television series). There’s something or someone called “The Charm Master” who is coming and all hell breaks loose. They’re always technicolor and vivid…I try not to talk about them too much. There were Nazi-esque people in those too.

    I also have sleep paralysis on a regular basis, to the point where I’m aware now of when it’ starting because there’s always a buzzing sound.

    • jpthorn says:

      Yikes, that stinks, mistylane. If I had these kind of dreams everyday I would have trouble functioning during the day. The sleep paralysis you described is downright frightening to me.

      • mistylayne says:

        They’ve been going on for so long that I’m used to it now. I take what’s there and write about it. So I guess it’s not all bad? (I’m an eternal optimist!) The sleep paralysis is frightening but when it happens a lot and you can feel it coming on, there are ways to try to break it. The easiest is just twitching your cheek (like trying to smile or half-smile). Weird but it works.

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