Film Review: Piranha 3DD


I think its reasonable to think that most people know what they’re in for before viewing this movie. I was expecting more of the same fun, and ridiculous action, violence, perversion and gore from the first Piranha 3D film. Piranha 3DD delivered all of that and then some.

The opening scene with Gary Busey starts the festivities off quite well. A cow carcass impregnated with piranha eggs let’s loose a serious fart, unleashing the eggs which quickly hatch into little piranhas; all hell breaks loose.


There is predictably a lot of t ‘n a and probably double the amount that the first movie has. Let’s face it, it serves no purpose other than to titilate the viewer, and provide the correct horror cliches for “do’s and do not do’s” if you are character and want to survive. Want to show your ass and bare breasts? Want to have sex with a random stranger on a bus by the water? Well, in that case, odds are pretty good that you will die in a horror movie.

There are some very memorable


moments in Piranha 3DD, including an unforgettable scene where a guy’s penis gets bitten by a Piranha that came out of his partner’s vagina. He ends up having no other choice than to cut off his own member to get rid of the pesky fish. The gore effects and gags are done very well and provide plenty of entertainment in what would otherwise be yet another forgettable b-movie creature feature ( Shark Night 3D anyone?).


David Haselhof’s appearance was terrible and downright embarrassing – not even funny, but pure shit. Does this guy really have any self-respect left? I admit, his Baywatch moment was somewhat amusing and they did give him a pretty good one-liner at the end following a ” What the fuck?” moment, but overall, Haselhof’s involvement was cringe-worthy.


Ving Rhames returned from the first flick and was pure entertainment gold compared to Haselhof’s lackluster appearance. Rhames is used to good comedic effect and his legs being used as a shotgun – although not original by any stretch, made me cheer and laugh.


Piranha 3DD check-list to pass the grade:

Gratuitous t ‘n a – check.

Loads of cheesey lines and action – check.

Gore effects and lots of kills, and mayhem – check.


I enjoyed Piranha 3DD for what it is. It’s meant to be a cheap popcorn flick. I would find it hard to believe that anyone that enjoyed the first, would not enjoy this one, and vice-versa. Storyline and logic is secondary in this case.

J.P. Thorn


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2 Responses to Film Review: Piranha 3DD

  1. Saw the first one on HBO a few months back, I’ll watch this one the same way. LOL.

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