Quick Hit: Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem to Premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival


Recently Rob Zombie announced on his facebook page, that his upcoming film, THE LORDS OF SALEM, will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival ( TIFF). Needless to say, I am absolutely pumped! I will do everything in my power to attend the premiere. It will be running as part of the festival’s MIDNIGHT MADNESS programme. I have no doubt Rob Zombie will be interacting with fans quite a bit at this, so it should be a cool event.

I have gone to TIFF the last couple of years and it has been a fun and awesome experience each time- especially the Midnight Madness screenings.


Regardless of whether or not I’m able to attend the premiere, I will definitely see this film ASAP. Word on the street is THE LORDS OF SALEM promises to be 100% Rob Zombies vision with absolutely no interference from anybody; this bodes very well for fans.

I LOVE the poster for this film which I posted at the beginning of this post. It gave me that same feel of when I look at those old, awesome Italian horror flicks’ posters. It looks like some sort of Zombified Catholic Priest, who to me looks a bit like Dr. Freudstein in Lucio Fulci’s THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, or the Priest in Fulci’s other classic, THE GATES OF HELL.


Zombie has taken ( and continues to, I bet) receive a lot of flak from the horror crowd, especially since his last HALLOWEEN film was mostly despised by fans. I’m hoping and am confident that THE LORDS OF SALEM will be his greatest achievement.

We shall see!


J.P. Thorn


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5 Responses to Quick Hit: Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem to Premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Damn right. Bring this shit on.

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