Wrong Turn 5 (2012)

The Wrong Turn series has always been one in which I look forward to every installment – despite the fact that clearly it has gone down in quality with each one. Outside of the very first Wrong Turn with Eliza Dushku, all the others have been rather forgettable — fun to watch at the time, but later on I’d be hard pressed to tell you what happened in each of them.

Wrong Turn 5 has some cool things going for it. I like the different covers used for the flick. Some of the advertising I’ve seen online and in magazines have been fun to look at and done a fine job of at least making me curious to see the film.

The story is pretty standard fare here. A group of young people go on some camping trip to a mountain town with a history of murderous hillbilly mutant-looking freaks. The town is celebrating the historic date of when the town’s folk back in the 1800’s were wiped out by the “Mountain people.”

Here you have the cliched characters we have seen in a million other horror and slasher flicks. You got the main leader of the group who causes trouble and gets them all arrested, you got good looking young women, and even the group’s nerdy fifth-wheel type. The Town’s Sheriff is a M.i.l.f. and the only one that seems to have any intelligence or hope to survive than any of the other protagonists. Mr. Pinhead himself – Doug Bradley – plays the role of a sort of father-figure to the psychotic, freaky, mountain freaks. It was an effortless role and performance for the veteran actor, and easy as pie, too, I bet. It’s not that he was that great in this, it’s just that the rest of the cast and it’s campy, lackluster acting, really makes someone like Bradley look like a better actor than he really is.

Wrong Turn 5 reeked of “cheap” and is easily the campiest installment of the series thus far. But it did have some good things going for it which I enjoyed and didn’t make me feel like I just wasted an hour and a half of my life.

Gore is the main star of the show. It has pretty much been one of the trademarks of the Wrong Turn series. However, missing from this sequel/prequel is some of the great tension and thrills of the others in the series. Some of the deaths/kills were quite creative, and horrific – even causing me to cringe just a little in parts. The gore gags and effects were not badly done at all, especially for such a low-budget, cheap-feeling title. A couple of scenes in particular really stand out: One being a victim being force fed her own intestines! There really are some truly demented moments. Another is a trap made by the mountain men, where they have a victim in the car, and once someone opens the door, the guy in the car has his torso split down the middle as the person continues opening the car door from the outside not knowing the deadly repercussion it is creating.

This one did give me a bit of a nostalgic feel of 80’s slasher flicks such as the Friday the 13th series, and for that, I have to give it some credit. Whether it was an accidental result or made with purpose by the film-maker, I don’t know, but I guess I can hunt down some interviews and find out a bit more.

I know this one has probably been bashed to death by genre fans and critics, but I will not completely write it off, and actually, will recommend it to you if you’re okay with a low-budget-looking film with some entertaining, redeeming qualities. Wrong Turn 5 is no masterpiece and is not to be taken seriously, but fun can be had with it.



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5 Responses to Wrong Turn 5 (2012)

  1. I have not seen any of these past part 2….but I really liked part 2 a lot. Henry Rollins!

  2. mistylayne says:

    I watched 1. I might’ve watched 2 and then I abandoned it. Well, actually I just didn’t realize more had come out…

  3. filmhipster says:

    Loved the first one, got to check these out. Nice review.

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