Bait 3D (2011)

My expectations for this movie were little to none. But I was pleasantly surprised and entertained.

Bait 3D takes place in beautiful Queensland, Australia. The back story here is really secondary to the perfect setting and setup for this flick. Josh and his fiance suffered a terrible tragic loss when Josh’s future brother-in-law is eaten by a massive great white shark. Fast forward one year later (I think) and Josh is working in a supermarket (which becomes the main setting) while his former fiance returns with her new beau from the foreign country she had gone to.

A robbery breaks out in the supermarket and lots of craziness going on with that, when suddenly, things get much worse when a massive Tsunami hits town (LOL at the surfer dude running towards the Tsunami!). The supermarket becomes completely flooded, including the underground parking lot where some survivors are also stuck. This becomes the back drop for an interesting, suspenseful, hell of a situation for all the characters left alive – due to the 12 foot Great White Shark swimming around in there.

It would be very easy to just throw a bunch of people into this scenario that viewers really couldn’t give two shits about – but I gotta say, I actually cared for a lot of these characters – including the asshole characters; meaning I was cheering when a couple of them in particular met their demise.

The gore is decent but in no way is it over-the-top. The sharks looks very cool, in my opinion. Surely, this is far from being the worst CGI I’ve ever seen. They did a good job here. I think it helps that they had a solid enough budget here to utilize both, mechanical, and CGI shark effects.

There are some laughable, unbelievable scenes in this, but not enough to ruin the movie, or for me to not be able to suspend some belief in reality for. One of these situations was when they created an impromptu “Shark Cage/Armor” for one of the characters, using supermarket bottles, cans and wiring, among other random items. Surprisingly, the guy gets away with fooling the shark but ends up dying in a noble manner anyway.

Overall, the cast of actors all did a fine job in their roles. I may be no expert in Australian accents but a couple fo actors to me seemed like they could have put in more work to give a more realistic portrayal of what an Aussie accent should be.

A real standout to me was the Tsunami scene. It could have looked a lot worse if they didn’t put enough care into it. The sheer enormity of the disaster, and the “flipping of the table” on the humans being hunted in their own yeard so-to-speak, was a terrific premise and scenario.

As far as shark flicks go, this one is not the best, but it certainly is one of the freshest I’ve seen in a while. It had me engaged and entertained for it’s entire run-time.


-JP Thorn


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3 Responses to Bait 3D (2011)

  1. filmhipster says:

    It was a lot of fun wasn’t it…that shark did some real damage. Very rewatchable.

  2. mistylayne says:

    Yep, this is definitely on my list. Everyone has made it sound super fun!

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