The Apparition (2012)


I would like to give away my first movie award of 2012. This one goes to The Apparition. It is very special and is unlike anything else I have watched all year long. It contains scenes that left me breathless and astonished. Flabbergasted even.

The award is for… ‘shittiest, least original, far from scary, boring, sleep-inducing, piece of garbage film of the year.’

This movie is an absolute travesty and embarrassment to the genre and a poor example of what a horror film should be. It didn’t even do the overused cliches correctly.

A young couple move in to a home together and are haunted by a ghost resulting from some stupid school science project/experiment.

It seems to take forever for these so-called hauntings to take place, and the characters are stupid enough to not clue in as to what’s going on. Yes- I know that stupid people in horror films are par for the course but these people really take the cake. And this film does the worst possible thing it can do and tries to pretend it’s smart! Laughable!

This film has absolutely no redeeming qualities to it. Nothing slightly entertaining – not even any unintentional “so bad its funny” stuff going for it. Never during the course of watching this turf do you get a sense that these characters are under any threat at all.

Do not watch this under any circumstances. Even if someone PAYS you to watch it DON’T!

I would rather watch reruns of Saved by the Bell, or even watch someone clean up horse shit than watch this crap on screen again. Even writing about it makes me ill to my stomach.

I’ve probably wasted enough of your time and mine writing and reading about this shoddy attempt at a horror film. Honestly this has to be in the bottom three horror films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen more than my fair share!

Again, do not watch it. Ever. If you do, you will regret not heeding my warning.


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4 Responses to The Apparition (2012)

  1. LMAO, see, don’t you feel better now? Sometimes it’s good to just tear ass into a shitty movie.

  2. theipc says:

    Dude – I have been almost renting this for a week or so and never pulled the trigger. YOU have made me so glad I didn’t!!!

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