Django Unchained (2012)


I finally got around to seeing this movie and I can pretty much sum it all up into one word: brilliant.

Anyone who is a fan of Quentin Tarantino will love this. I can pretty much guarantee it. If this doesn’t win a bunch of awards, I will be shocked and disgusted, because this is film making at its finest.

I love how Tarantino combined the feel and look of old school spaghetti westerns with yet again another amazing musical score and soundtrack that truly lets you know this is Tarantino at work – unquestionably.

Django (Jamie Foxx) is is freed from slavery by Dr. King Schulz played by the always amazing Christopher Waltz. Dr. King is a bounty hunter and he takes on a mentor role for Django and teaches him the ways of bounty-hunting, and in the process, helps transform Django into the quickest gun in the South. Django is on a mission to find his lost wife who is a slave in Calvin Candie’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) plantation. The journey is a long, bloody and entertaining one. This movie runs for 165 minutes and honestly it didn’t feel like it went anything longer than an hour. I was glued to the screen and to every word of dialogue spoken – every gun shot counted for something too. django4

A lot has been made about the language in this movie, specifically the “N word”. Yes, that word gets used a lot throughout the movie, but never did it feel to me like Tarantino’s script used it excessively, or without proper use for the setting and time-period this story takes place in. I mean, I’m pretty sure back in those days in the South people really did use that word a ton in conversation – that’s just the way it was, I’m assuming. django3

Jamie Foxx was perfect as the titular character and I can’t say anything negative about the choice to cast him in the role. But with a cast this good, Foxx really had to be on top of his game. Christopher Waltz was outstanding as the charming – yet dangerous – Dr. King. We’re used to hating this man in his evil roles as a villain you just wanna slap in most of the movies he’s in, so it was a change-up to actually like his character and cheer for him. I’ve never been a big fan of Leo DiCaprio. Not that I don’t think he’s a decent actor and has been in some “okay” movies, but I just never really thought anything special of him. In his role as Calvin Candie, however, DiCaprio truly showed me what his acting chops are all about and just how good he can be. I can’t think of any other roles I’ve seen him in that come close to his performance in this. Of course a ton of credit has to go to Tarantino who wrote these characters brilliantly. Samuel Jackson also doesn’t disappoint as the grumpy old man who kisses Calvin Candie’s ass and makes you wanna slap the silly out of him.


Django Unchained is not a horror flick, but I had to write down my thoughts on it, and give it the proper props it deserves. Tarantino really hit it out of the park with this one and gave me that feeling that few film makers these days are capable of. The feeling of watching true genre traits from the past, worked into modern film — giving you that nostalgia of the old-school genres many of us horror-die-hards also appreciate.

Bloody brilliant.




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  1. What about Walton Goggins? He played Billy Crash! That’s my homeboy.

  2. theipc says:

    It’s been a while since we visited but I thought it would be important to tell you that, before too long, I’m off to see THE LAST STAND –

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