2-in-1 Review: The Collector (2009) and The ABCs of Death (2012)

This weekend I watched a couple of flicks I just wanted to say a few things about…

The Collector (2009)


This was a real refreshing flick to watch and the main antagonist is one of the better new ones to come out in horror the last several years. I really enjoyed all the clever traps setup and gruesome stuff that happens in the house. The story was entertaining with its cat and mouse element of the thief being caught unknowingly in a house with a raging, insane, and genius psychopath. I’m looking forward to watching the sequel – The Collection (2012) very soon (hopefully).

The ABCs of Death (2012)


This one had a little bit of everything as it went through each installment in alphabetical order. The shorts that really stood out for me were with the Letters A, B, F, D, and L. I wont tell you what each one is called because a big part of the fun with The ABCs of Death is trying to figure out what each short will be titled as you’re watching. Some of the titled segments were more obviously named than others, and some just made me scratch my head.

Overall, this was a real enjoyable experience with each contribution by the different directors involved providing something different, keeping things fresh through the entire run time. There was plenty of gore, violence, nudity, humor, depravity, horrible CGI and disturbing elements to keep any horror fan happy. There were moments, such as in the L entry, that really disturbed and made me feel uncomfortable. That was some whacked out shit. Even though near the end of The ABCs of Death, I felt like I was beginning to lose some interest and it seemed like it was running out of steam, I still recommend this one to any horror fan.


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8 Responses to 2-in-1 Review: The Collector (2009) and The ABCs of Death (2012)

  1. mistylayne says:

    I am wanting to see both of these. 🙂

  2. ABC’s drags a bit doesn’t it?… It’s not even that long, but once you’ve made it through 15 or so letters it starts to feel a bit wearisome.

    The Collector is very underrated. Sequel isn’t bad either, not as good, but not bad 😀

    Great Post (Again!)

  3. I’mma have to watch ABC’s again sometime soon.

  4. davecrewe says:

    ABC’s sounds like an interesting idea! But I could imagine getting tired of it halfway through – maybe the kind of film to bring back the idea of an “intermission.”

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