NightWhere by John Everson


It has been a long while since J.P. here at the horror booth has posted anything on this blog site. Hope a lot of  you are still around. There will be much more content coming soon!

Today I am reviewing the first book I have ever read by author John Everson called, NightWhere.

This story is about a guy and his kinky wife who is constantly looking for more pleasure and pain in her kinky sex exploits. Mark and his sexy, adventurous wife, Rae, take part in the swinger club scene in Chicago until one day they receive an invitation to a mysterious, and quite notorious sex club called, NightWhere.

Eventually Rae leaves her hubby Mark behind and becomes obsessed with the nasty, and violent perversions of NightWhere, until she becomes a permanent member. NightWhere is much more than a sex club. It acts almost like a living experience of hell on earth.

Mark wants his wife back,  but in order to do so, he must go through all the dangerous challenges The Watchers at NightWhere have him go through.

What follows is some seriously extreme horror written expertly by Everson. The violence and descriptions are gut wrenching in parts. Everson has a way of making even the disgusting elements of the story sexy, if that makes sense. I felt very dirty reading this,  but pleasantly entertained.

The characters were very vividly portrayed, although I had a tough time cheering on the main protagonist of this story. Mark is a sad sack loser who couldn’t please his slutty wife and is mostly portrayed, in my opinion, as a weakling who had no control in his marriage. It was difficult to comprehend his stubbornness as the story progressed. At a certain point, doing things in the name of love is just ridiculous. I won’t say too much more as I think fans of horror should read this book, but the character Mark made me facepalm so many times, it felt like I was torturing myself with beating  on my own face.

The Watchers of NightWhere were menacing enough, although stopping short of being too scary. The different rooms and separate sections of NightWhere were perfectly described and made me feel like I was a part of the horrific happenings within its pain filled walls.

NightWhere had me glued to its pages the entire time. My attention never faltered until the final climax. John Everson has a new fan and I look forward to entering the other worlds he may have waiting.

Highly recommended but not for the squeamish and easily offended.

-J. P.


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8 Responses to NightWhere by John Everson

  1. I often think that we who live, breathe, read, watch, and write Horror ought to have stomachs of cast iron and hearts of ice. I’m speaking to myself as much as anybody else; goodness knows, certain things, events, people trigger me but that’s my issues:). I really appreciate the extensiveness (and intensiveness) of this review; you tell us plenty so we can each decide whether to go with this one or not. I also appreciate your take on the protagonist. More and more, I find myself getting irritated to the point of ire with some characters (most recently, the title series character of the esteemed late James Herbert’s David Ash series).

  2. Damn! You came back swinging for the fences with this one. Great review!

    An alternate title could be “The Perfect Wife”.

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