Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983) a.k.a. The Treasure of the White Goddess


First off, I have to thank author and cool guy, John Everson for pointing out that way back in 2005, I reviewed this Jesus Franco flick on Amazon. I feel like its worth re-posting here on the blog for some of you to read and maybe even check out this little known exploitation flick from the early 80s.

Coincidentally, Mr. Franco sadly passed away earlier this month…R.I.P.

What’s it about?’s plot summary:

A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe’s goddess.


This is not Jess Franco’s greatest work, but it’s still entertaining nonetheless. The story is easy to follow and sets itself up very quickly in the beginning of the film.The English dubbing was done fairly well and was not distracting. The quality of the print was very bad early on in the film, but seemed to improve as it went on. Overall the picture and sound for this Disc are decent quality.This is only for movie goers that don’t analyze every minute detail and just want to watch something in this type of genre.There isn’t anything too violent, gory or disturbing in this movie. It’s fairly easy to follow and watch.


There is a good dose of nudity, which to people familiar with Franco’s work, is no surprise. There are also some moments of unintentional laughter which add to this film’s charm.I’m giving it 4 out of 5, but I am a fan of Jess Franco’s and have viewed many exploitation and horror films. I’m guessing other reviews will be very much mixed. This should not be your #1 choice if you want to see what Director Franco’s work is all about, but still worth at least one viewing experience.



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