American Mary (2012)


Mary Mason is a medical student studying to be a surgeon. She’s a bright and crafty young woman struggling to make ends meet, and ends up taking drastic measures to fix her problems.

Mary’s fate changes after being invited to a party of fellow surgeons. The outcome catapults Mary, and the audience to some of the craziness that would ensue.

Katherine Isabelle stars as Mary and all in all does a good job. She is a great fit to play this character and fans of her other films – Ginger Snaps in particular – will not be disappointed by her performance. It doesn’t hurt that she is a good looking woman, to put it mildly.


They should have called this film, Canadian Mary, since Katherine is a Canadian actress and this was filmed in Canada, but I digress.

Another performance that sticks out is the doll-faced, Betty Boop cartoon lookalike character named Beatrice. She with the creepy face, and squeaky mouse voice. This character was important in many ways and was the closest thing Mary has as a friend in this story.


American Mary has an undeniable indy quality to it, but never did it feel cheap. The sets and locations used were effective. Overall, the acting was sub par, but there has been far worse in this genre.

The world and culture of extreme body modification is explored in this, but something tells me in real life the people entrenched in that culture might have some gripes with this film. I don’t know a thing about it, it’s just a feeling I have. It would be interesting to hear from people in that world who have seen this movie.


I’m a fan of films like; May, Excision, Lovely Ones, Audition, and Ginger Snaps. American Mary almost fits right in with that group but falls just short. The first half was very strong but there was a point near the second half that seemed to drag just a little. The end also seemed sort of abrupt but was fairly satisfying overall.

If you, like I, are a fan of some of the movies mentioned above, you should get some enjoyment from American Mary despite some wonky acting and plot holes within. And if you enjoy watching Katherine Isabelle in action,  you will not be disappointed.



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5 Responses to American Mary (2012)

  1. mistylayne says:

    I adore Katharine so can’t wait to see this!

  2. theipc says:

    I’ll see this for Katharine alone : )

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