The Tent, by Kealan Patrick Burke


The Tent is a fast paced novella-length story about a family camping trip that quickly transforms into a nightmare. Mike takes his wife and son on this “adventure”, thinking it will bring his family closer. When a nasty storm hits, the nightmare begins…

The thing that stood out and to me that is probably most memorable about this story, is the way the characters are written and how their dire situation brings out the truth in their relationships. The author does a fabulous job writing the troubled husband and wife, and the agony of their troubles extend far beyond the terrible situation they found themselves in.

The creatures were vividly described and entertaining to read. Burke expertly crafted the action and scenes, which made this read blisteringly fast.

It’s not a cheesy romp in the forest type of camping horror story. It goes much deeper than that.

This would be a great story to see realized on screen. I’d pay to watch it.

All in all, I do recommend The Tent and will be definitely reading Burke’s other books in the near future.



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