V/H/S/2 (2013)

VHS 2 (2013)

V/H/S (2012) was an anthology that, although not groundbreaking, produced some memorable moments, and in my view was an excellent addition to the horror genre. Who can ever forget this line, “I like you.”

You can read my review of that one, here: http://thehorrorbooth.com/2012/09/08/film-review-vhs-2012/

Now onto my thoughts on the sequel…


Tape 49 is the wrap-around story of V/H/S/2’s collection. Two private investigators are searching for a missing college student, and when they enter his home, they discover a pile of vhs tapes where the following stories are viewed. This is the weakest part of V/H/S/2 for me. The couple/investigator team, don’t seem like the brightest of characters, and had no need to be caught in the situation they found themselves in. Especially near the end, where clearly they needed to get the hell out of there, and the guy decided to pop in another tape – stupid. Thankfully, the rest of the film is much better.


The first story titled, Phase I Clinical Trials, revolves around a guy who just had an implanted camera eye put in, as part of some test trials some company has him taking part in.  He had been involved in a car accident and lost one of his eyes, so this implanted camera/eye seems like a blessing, but really as it turns out, not so much. While at home, he begins to see ghosts, which haunt him convincingly. A young woman tracks him down to tell him what’s going on, and that her very own ear implants have allowed her to hear the spirits communicate. This one has some creepy, and legit tension, and overall was well done. It definitely calls to mind, and I’m guessing draws much inspiration from the Pang Brothers film, The Eye (2002).


A Ride in the Park, is an action-packed zombie tale, and may just be my favorite entry in the whole thing. A man takes a ride on his bike in the park and comes across a woman begging for help, who seems to be in some serious trouble. Not in the too-far-distance, slow, plodding zombies can be seen approaching. Absolute mayhem takes place, and it seems no one is safe from turning into the walking dead. I had a blast watching this one. Having grown bored of zombies for the most part over the years, it was great to be entertained by this. The gore was outstanding and didn’t let up. There is plenty of gut munching and the approach is relentless. The highlight of the story, and perhaps most terrifying, is when the small group of zombies reach a little girl’s birthday party. Good stuff!


Safe Haven, is about a news team that wants to get close to find out more about a whacked out Indonesian Cult. Although predictable, this one is filled with plenty of insane visuals, and buckets of blood. The “Father” of the cult is one messed up mofo, and rivals any of the memorable characters you may find in the first V/H/S film. I kept thinking to myself, “I can take this little crazy guy down, what’s wrong with these people?” But the emphatic finale of this story is one I wont soon forget.


Slumber Party Alien Abduction, is a no-holds-barred tale of an Alien invasion on an unsuspecting, and annoying-as-fuck, group of kids and teens having a slumber party while the parents are away. These Aliens aren’t subtle whatsoever. The attack is aggressive and in your face. The Aliens don’t hide in shadows to wait for the opportune moment – they just get right in there and take those damned kids. The only one I felt sorry for was the little dog who has a camera strapped to him for his point of view, the kids were not likeable at all, however.


Overall, this is a tight package filled with a ton of gore, lots of blood, and action. I liked that there was not much here that is a waste of time, and each story managed to keep the momentum going for the entire thing – which was not always the case with the first V/H/S. I had huge problems believing much of the way they made use of the cameras in this, but I could look past all that and just enjoy the stories themselves without worrying too much about the reality aspect of the filming. We all know none of this shit happened anyway, right? I’m gonna go ahead and say I think this is better than the first V/H/S, overall. You should watch this.



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3 Responses to V/H/S/2 (2013)

  1. filmhipster says:

    I think it’s better than the first as well. A little tighter, a little more entertaining. Safe Haven was pretty insane.

  2. theipc says:

    Just watched this Friday – I agree that it’s better than the first but I didn’t love it like some folks have – I’ll try and get some thoughts out soon. Great write up!

    BTW – I bought your story but haven’t been able to read it yet. Look forward to it!

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