A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film (2010)

I went back and forth on whether to write down my thoughts on this movie or not. A Serbian Film scrambled my thoughts and opinions of it almost from the very final scene. I have mixed feelings on it. On the one hand, I’m absolutely disgusted by it, but on the other, I appreciate how well shot and directed it is. Also, the actors are very convincing in their roles, which helped to up the disturbing elements even more.

The story involves Milos, who is a retired porn actor trying to settle into a normal family life with his wife and young son. Milos receives an offer to join an art porn project headed by a whacky, artsy-fartsy director named Vukmir. The offer is a ridiculous amount of money, making it difficult for Milos to turn down considering his family was experiencing financial hardship. Milos however would not know exactly what the films would be about, and was told that he would be kept in the dark about what would be happening so as to add to the “art” of it.


Predictably, things get a bit insane for Milos. The violence and depravity he becomes involved with is what makes A Serbian Film so ridiculous, disturbing, offensive, and even quite vexing at times.

I would not watch this with loved ones who have had no exposure to other extreme horror and exploitation films in the same vain as A Serbian Film. In fact, I would not allow any of my loved ones to watch it. I’d feel like I’m doing something seriously wrong if I did.

A Serbian Film’s subject matter and over-the-top torture porn aspects have been done many times before, but I can’t think of too much that’s out there that is more offensive and oppressive feeling. There are a few scenes that I don’t think I’ll be able to erase from my mind anytime soon. Love it or hate it, this movie will incite many different feelings, and reactions to it, which can be very rare these days in modern film.


I have seen my fair share of extreme – to downright ridiculous horror/exploitation films. Stuff like Nekromantik, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, Irreversible, Cannibal Holocaust, and pretty much any other of the sickest films ever made – the list is long, and I’ve seen ’em all. A Serbian Film easily belongs on that list. If you have not yet seen A Serbian Film, and have watched some of the other ones I have mentioned above, then likely, you are like me and despite better judgement, will put yourself through watching the sickest stuff out there. In that case, I say, give it a go. But for heaven’s sakes watch it alone or only with others you know for a fact have experience watching similar films.




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4 Responses to A Serbian Film (2010)

  1. theipc says:

    From what I have heard and read about this movie – I don’t think this is one for me. I don’t think I’m a big puss but some of the things I’ve read about this don’t sound like they are what I want to look at. Nice post!!

    • jpthorn says:

      Honestly, I could probably could have gone without seeing it, but damn it I couldn’t help it. I definitely won’t try to pursuade anyone to see it.

  2. Tyson Carter says:

    I’m glad I watched it, just so I could tick it off the list and at least say I’ve seen it when the odd person reviews it! Tricky to write about, which is why I still havent done it. Good job dude šŸ™‚

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