The Crooked House by John A. Longeway

The Horror Booth would like to welcome a new contributor to the blog. Wilson King is as passionate as they come when it comes to all things in horror entertainment. Wilson will be reviewing more novels and probably some films as well in the future.



Reviewed by Wilson King:

The Crooked House is the first book in the new series “The Lilith Chronicles” by author John A. Longeway.  It tells the story of 16 year old Lilith, an orphaned girl who divides her time between school and working the late shift at an all-night diner with her best friend and Mother figure Frida. What makes Lilith different from other 16 year old girls is that she possesses psychic abilities, abilities that she doesn’t fully understand. While using those powers one night, she unknowingly attracts the attention of a very dark and malevolent force.  

She begins to hear and see strange signs all around her, warning her of some unknown impending danger. After suffering a terrible accident, Lilith wakes up in a strange and ominous place known only as the Crooked House. The Crooked House is a mysterious place inhabited by tourtured souls who are forced to relive their worst memories over and over, most of these souls are twisted and evil, but there are a few good souls who try to help Lilith figure out why she is in the Crooked House, and how she can survive while she is there.  

The house and all who dwell within it, are under the control of Goh, a dark and sinister being who has brought Lilith to the house for a very specific purpose. Lilith must endure constent struggles to retain her sanity and hope while at the same time, trying to understand and utilize the full extent of her powers. All of this develops in a very well detailed and descriptive manner, with great attention to detail, especially when it comes to the character of Lilith.
Longeway does an excellent job of addressing the loneliness, isolation, self-doubt and especially the fear that Lilith suffers while being trapped in the Crooked House.  I loved the fact that there were several quality suprise twists in the story and how these twists pave the way for a very interesting and exciting final act to the novel. Although I usually like my horror novels more on the darker, slightly more twisted side, a good story is always key and this book definately has that. I also liked the psychic aspect to the story, because it’s not an over used or redundant topic for modern horror stories.

I would easily recommend this book to teens from 14 years of age to adults of any age who enjoy a good story.  For any parents that might question why I would recommend this book to young teens, there is no sexual content in the book, nor any swearing worse than “bitch” or “asshole”, and even those are very rare.

In closing I would like to thank the author for submitting this book for review and I look forward to seeing what else lies ahead for Lilith.                                                                       
— Wilson King


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