Olden by James Newman


This past long weekend I fired up the ol’ Kindle Touch and decided I wanted to give author James Newman’s novella, OLDEN, a try.

I’d say I usually read at a decent pace, and when it’s something I’m truly enjoying, my reading moves at a Flash-like speed. With OLDEN I felt like my kindle screen could barely keep up with my page-turn taps.

The scenario had me locked in from the get-go. A group of survivors are stuck in a room of a long-term care facility, where a bunch of rabid, elderly people are outside the door just waiting to kill them.

Newman writes excellent dialogue that is fun to read, and his ability is on full display here. So much fun. For a story of such short length, I felt like I knew these characters personally, and knew them for years. Each character had a story of what led to their current predicament and were well told, indeed.
One of the characters in particular (and I felt the need to communicate this to the author), is a real douche-bag, being just a dick in general to the other survivors, but the back-story of him abusing the elderly…not cool at all. I wanted to punch that prick.

At first glance, one might assume OLDEN is yet another living dead novel, but it’s got a unique premise and plenty of social commentary to ponder.

The ending of the story was highly satisfying. Newman nailed the hell out of that ending, leading up to a perfect, although, somewhat non-surprising outcome.

If you like well-written, page-turning horror, read this book. If you have a kindle it’s dirt cheap and worth every penny.



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