Metallica: Through the Never (2013)


I just came back a little over an hour ago from watching Metallica’s concert film. Let me preface this by saying I may be slightly biased, as I grew up listening to the band and have always been a big fan. I really enjoyed the experience of watching this film.

The little story woven in between concert footage was a little underwhelming and I expected more from it. It was, however, shot beautifully and some scenes were actually real good; the police riot scene felt like something from a fun, cheesy 80s action movie and was a treat. Basically, it’s about a young roadie sent on a mission that has him leavng the cozy confines of this concert, to go out onto the streets to retrieve something. Along the way he encounters some very odd situations that don’t make a whole lot of sense. Like I said, the narrative aspect, though not mind-blowing, was a nice touch to the overall experience. But the real star of the show is the band’s explosive live show, mixed in with some truly breathtaking technology, making this arguably one of the very best “concert film” movies ever.



Do I think non-Metallica fans would like this? Overall, if you’re not already a fan of the band, I think you might still get a kick from the overall experience, because everything is so impressive from a technical point of view. But I can see how someone who is not a fan of the music might only be able to tolerate the experience for so long.

Maybe the most important thing they got right with this, is really the only thing that matters. The music and the true essence of Metallica as a still ferociously good live band was captured brilliantly. The 3D – although not absolutely necessary – was done rather well. But really, the massive IMAX screen, combined with the best sound I have ever heard at a movie theater, is enough with, or without the 3D.



Repeat watch? That’s a most definite yes for me. Accept it really has to be the full IMAX 3D experience again, because I can only imagine what a let down any other format or venue would be in comparison.

I have seen the band in concert 6 times. I’m almost tempted to count going to this movie as the 7th time.




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3 Responses to Metallica: Through the Never (2013)

  1. Man I dunno when I’ll get to see, but I’m jealous.

  2. Looks fantastic, can’t wait to see it!!!!!

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