Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 at the Opera House in Toronto.

Absolutely terrific concert last night. It was a treat to be able to finally see the legendary Goblin play a live show in Toronto for the first time. They have played in Canada before at the Shock Stock Festival in London, Ontario. Admittedly I’m mostly a fan of their soundtrack work for Italian horror films, and they did not disappoint. My personal favorite from last night was definitely their performance of “Phenomena”. Goblin had the crowd absolutely eating out of their hand, and the band seemed energized by the love and admiration in the air. The Opera House is possibly my favorite concert venue, and I couldn’t imagine a better place for a band like Goblin to play.

One thing that took me completely by surprise was just how good the opening band was. I had read here and there that Secret Chiefs 3 are a band worth checking out but never bothered. Last night they made a new fan, and many more I would imagine based on the crowd’s reaction to them. Their stage presence may seem tacky or hokey to some, but I thought it was great. The band members wear some hooded robe-like costume which might raise a few eye brows, I’m sure. But it all seemed to fit together perfectly in what was an engaging, and enthralling performance.

It was also kind of cool to see a lot of the horror community come out to support Goblin in Toronto. Members of Rue Morgue Magazine and Fangoria’s Chris Alexander were in attendance, among a throng of many other passionate fans.

All in all it was a memorable concert experience. Goblin didn’t disappoint. Not sure I’ll ever get to see them again, but if the opportunity arises I’ll do my best to be there again.









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One Response to Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 at the Opera House in Toronto.

  1. Awesome! Never seen them myself but would like to 🙂

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