The Vampire Lovers (1970)


Directed by Roy Ward Baker, The Vampire Lovers is an erotic vampire tale made in the lush, eerie, and beautiful Hammer Studios style. It stars Ingrid Pitt as the evil, predatory seductress, as well as a solid cast with the likes of Peter Cushing.

The story involves Marcilla, a beautiful woman that guests at several wealthy families’ homes, while seducing young women in order to satisfy her lusts, both for sex and blood.


I was surprised at the level of eroticism a film from Hammer in 1970 could have, and pleased with the level of genuine horror, sex, violence and gore. The opening moment of the film is highlighted by an effective decapitation scene of a young sexy female vampire. Needless to say right from the start the film made its statement loudly about what to expect for the remaining duration of its run time. The ending of the film is also notably brutal in its violent conclusion.


Everything I enjoy about classic Hammer films is there; from the terrific sets, to the music and rich atmosphere. Scream Factory’s Bluray presentation of this film is absolutely stunning and satisfying. The image and sound is as good as one can expect, and the special features on the disc offer legitimate value for what is already a reasonably priced offering.

The Vampire Lovers is easy for me to recommend, especially this particular version from the always reliable Scream Factory.




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