Ninja III: The Domination (1984)


This review is for the Scream Factory Blu-ray/DVD combo. The video and audio is top notch and the menu screen is well made. Unfortunately there isn’t much here in the way of bonus features. You get a commentary track with the director and stunt coordinator. Owning this thing is a real treat and well worth it. More on that later.

I have some fond memories of watching old ninja flicks back in the day, but was too young at the time, and only remember bits and pieces. Ninja III is the one I remembered best of the trilogy.


The story is about a Ninja who takes out some people on a golf course and assassinates half of a police force, in a dominant, devastating manner.Eventually the entire police force show up and shoot the crap out of this Ninja, but the stubborn bastard still manages to get away; hundreds of bullet wounds and all.

A female telephone line repair worker, Christie, stumbles upon the fatally wounded Ninja, and is persuaded by him to take his sword, leading to her becoming supernaturally possessed. He uses her body to take revenge on all the officers that gunned him down.


Ninja 3 has a good mix of action/martial arts, and horror elements. This movie fits in very well along with most of Scream Factory’s collection of cult films.

There is so much to like about this film – from the practical, real stunts, to the cheesy storyline filled with plot holes and exploitation elements. Ninja 3 captures perfectly in a lot of ways the essence of what an 80s action or horror flick is all about. Nostalgia heads of that decade will feel an immediate sense of familiarity and comfort with it.

Some of the atrociously, but fun bad parts, such as the (in)famous attempted gang rape outside a gym, and the inexplicable actions of certain characters, don’t take away from the entertaining fight choreography, and unapologetic ripping of elements off horror films like The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

This particular release is a must for any fan despite the lack of any substantial extras. The photo gallery is a nice touch and the commentary track is honest and enlightening,  but I was hoping for more. Most importantly, the video transfer and audio are fantastic and this will be the best version of the film you will be able to watch today.




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