Evil Dead – The Musical


This amazing, over-the-top production is back. I first saw this show several years ago, multiple times in Toronto and I’m not surprised at all that it has returned.

If you are someone reading this in one of the cities it’s playing in – go see it. If you’re an Evil Dead fan with a sense of humour, you will love it. And if you can sit in the “Splatter Zone”, you won’t regret it. Plenty of blood, laughs and fun. Highly recommended.





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One Response to Evil Dead – The Musical

  1. I also saw this in Toronto maybe six or seven years ago. It was great fun, obviously more so for fans of Evil Dead 2, which is actually what the musical is based on. Didn’t hurt that they served beer during the performance, either. I’d definitely see this again, and since it comes around almost every year, I’m sure I’ll get a chance.

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