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The Horror Booth is a blog that covers horror movies, books, TV shows and all other forms of horror entertainment.

If you have any films, books, or any other horror themed material you would like to send for review on this blog, send your inquiries to thehorrorbooth@gmail.com

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  1. Hello,

    I’m wondering if any of our available titles might be of interest to your reviewers/readers. I’ve included a list below with brief synopses for your perusal. I would prefer to send you an e-book in whatever format you need if you will take them, but can send paperbacks if you prefer. All of our titles are new and genre related. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Grand Mal Press

    GRAND MAL PRESS Catalog:

    A PACK OF WOLVES by Eric S. Brown
    Genre: Horror
    132 Pages
    ISBN: 9781937727062
    The “Family” kills folks for a living. They take the jobs that no one else can survive. They’re the best at bringing death, as well as defeating it. Now, one of them has gone rogue and it’s up to The Family to hunt down one of their own before he brings about the end of the world and exposes the secret existence of werewolves. It’s horror and adventure Old West Style with blazing guns, stampeding horses, flying fists, and werewolves galore. “A Pack of Wolves is a must-get for any horror fan’s collection!” – Horror Fiction Review About the Author: Eric S. Brown is the author of several notable books including Bigfoot War, Last Stand in a Dead Land, War of the Worlds with Blood, Guts and Zombies, Season of Rot, and many other top-selling titles.

    Genre: Horror
    56 pages
    ISBN: B0089S7S0K
    A century later, the Farr family continues to thrive. A new generation of wolves walks the Earth with Zed as their leader. From the depths of space arrives an army of aliens with superior technology and a massive power-armored force of troops. Their goal: To take the Earth and make it their own. Now only the Farr family and their allies in the world of the supernatural can save the human race from being utterly destroyed. It’s werewolves vs. aliens in this action-filled tale of war and interplanetary conquest.

    ALIEN ABERRATIONS, edited by Stephen Pastore.
    Short Story Collection
    Genre: Sci Fi
    200 pages, includes notable authors such as David Dunwoody, Ryan C. Thomas, Gregory L. Norris (screenwriter Star Trek Deep Space 9), etc
    ISBN: 9780982945919
    From the cute and cuddly to the giant and hideous, on distant planets to our own backyards, aliens have different motivations for making contact. Sometimes inquisitive, sometimes defensive, and sometimes, unfortunately for us, aggressive, these other-worldly visitors have agendas we can only begin to uncover. Join some of today’s most imaginative writers as they show us just what happens when we encounter these strange and wonderful beings from the far reaches of space. Are they friend or foe? You decide.

    DEAD DOG by Nickolas Cook
    Cross genre: Mystery/Horror
    322 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727246
    It’s the late 70s and Max and Little Billy are back from Vietnam trying to mind their own business when they stumble onto the murder of a local boy. With organized crime and violent thugs on their trail, it’s up to these two local heroes to solve the murder. What they find will shake the foundation of their entire community.

    WALKING SHADOW by Clifford Royal Johns
    Cross genre: Mystery/Sci-fi
    244 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727253
    Benny tries to ignore the payment-overdue messages he keeps getting from “Forget What?,” a memory removal company. Benny’s a slacker, after all, and couldn’t pay them even if he wanted to. Then people start trying to kill him, and his life suddenly depends on finding out what memories he has forgotten. Benny relies on his wits, latent skills, and new friends as he investigates his own past; delving deeper and deeper into the underworld of criminals, bad cops, and shady news organizations, all with their own reasons for wanting him to remain ignorant or die.

    DARKER THAN NOIR, edited by Faith Kauwe
    Cross genre: Mystery/Horror
    Short Story Collection
    300 pages, Includes notable small press authors R. Thomas Riley, Randy Chandler and more
    ISBN: 9780982945957
    When a mundane mystery needs solving, you call a private detective. But when the mystery involves ghosts, demons, zombies, monsters, mystical serial killers, and other supernatural elements, you call the detectives in this collection. They’ll venture into the darkness and hopefully come back out alive. Just remember, they get paid expenses up front, and what they uncover, you might not like. Featuring tales from seasoned vets and up-and-coming talent, the game is afoot in a world that is Darker Than Noir.

    RATINGS GAME by Ryan C. Thomas
    Cross Genre: Black Comedy, Thriller
    300 pages
    ASIN: B005O545IO
    Roland Stone and Doug Hardwood are New York City’s top news anchors. Trusted, respected, revered among the media’s who’s who. In their profession, it’s all about getting the exclusive. Whoever breaks the big story first gets the viewers, and whoever gets the viewers gets the advertisers. It’s all money in the end. With their stations neck to neck in the ratings, and the threat of hipper, younger anchors waiting to take their places, each knows they must come up with a juicy story to save their job. Suddenly, a horrific murder rocks the airwaves, and Roland Stone has the inside story. But great minds think alike, and it’s just mere hours before Doug Hardwood is reporting on the work of a different serial killer. Over night, New York City becomes a haven for two of the most inventive serial killers ever to walk the streets, each bent on getting higher ratings than the other. Two desperate news anchors. One city. A whole lot of bloodshed. Story at eleven.

    HAFTMANN’S RULES by Robert White
    Genre: Mystery
    242 pages
    ISBN: 9780982945971
    Haftmann’s Rules is the first full-length novel to feature White’s existentionalist private investigator, Thomas Haftmann. Out of jail and back on the streets, Haftmann is hired to find a missing young girl in Boston’s seedy “Combat Zone.” But what he uncovers goes beyond just murder, into a world of secret societies, cults, bloodshed, and betrayal beyond anything he has experienced before. What’s worse, Haftmann suspects his only trusted friend, FBI special agent Booth, is using him to draw a serial killer of fourteen women out of the shadows. The only one Haftmann can trust now is himself. Haftmann’s Rules is an exhilarating read into one man’s maddening journey for truth, justice, and self destruction.

    Genre: Horror
    240 pages
    ISBN: 9780982945940
    Four thrilling, disturbing novellas by Randy Chandler, Gregory L. Norris, Ryan C. Thomas, and David T. Wilbanks. An unfortunate prostitute joins a freak show to get away from her sordid past only to find that death follows her everywhere. A cooking show host is targeted by a jealous chef who wields a sharp blade and a supernatural grudge. A family man is given a choice by a deadly stranger to decide between love or survival. A former lover enlists the help of a shaman to find his kidnapped girlfriend in a land of mystical demons and gods.

    LAST STAND IN A DEAD LAND by Eric S. Brown
    Genre: Horror
    140 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727000
    A small band of survivors is on the run during the zombie apocalypse. Led by a mysterious man with an arsenal of deadly military weapons, they must work together to stay alive. In a desperate attempt to locate other survivors, they find sanctuary in a lone farmhouse, only to discover the surrounding woods hold more dangers than just bloodthirsty undead. Featuring Sasquatch, roving rotters, and even more surprises, Last Stand in a Dead Land, is an explosion of cross genre action that will leave you wanting more.

    SPIGGOT by Craig Saunders
    Cross genre: Comedy/Mystery
    306 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727109
    What do you get when you mix a misanthropic British detective with an axe murderer? No really, like actually mix them. Put them in the same body by some freak twist of fate involving the mystical powers of a stolen biblical phylactery. You get one wacky, hilarious mystery that can only come from the warped mind of Craig Saunders. Comedy, mystery, and action all mixed in one refreshing cup of tea.

    DEAD THINGS by Matt Darst
    Genre: Horror
    222 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727154
    Nearly two decades have passed since the fall of the United States. And the rise of the church to fill the void. Nearly twenty years since Ian Sumner lost his father. And the dead took to the streets to dine on the living. Now Ian and a lost band of survivors are trapped in the wilderness, miles from safety. Pursued by madmen and monsters, they unravel the secrets of the plague…and walk the line of heresy. Now Ian and this troop need to do more than just survive. More than ever, they must learn to live.

    Genre: Horror
    230 pages
    ISBN: 9780982945902
    A plague has turned all the world’s women into brain-eating zombies. Join reporter Kent Zimmer as he takes a hot air balloon from Colorado to Massachusetts in search of both his girlfriend and a cure. Along the way he encounters hungry undead, psychotic doctors, evil nuns, racist militias, zombie pregnancy farms, drag queens with machine guns, and neurotic stock brokers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    A STRANGER’S GRAVE by Craig Saunders
    Genre: Horror
    222 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727208
    The dead rise, and only the dead can rock them back to sleep…but sometimes it falls to the living to do what the dead cannot. Elton Burlock’s done his time. Twenty-six years for a terrible murder. Some of those years were hard, some easy. On the outside, he takes the only job he can find – the custodian of a local cemetery. A simple job, keeping the grass tidy…giving the dead a haircut. But there are three black angels in the cemetery: a little girl’s ghost that roams the night…and two women, one a vision in white, one a nightmare in black. When the killing starts, who can rock the restless dead back to sleep? Who but Elton? Elton, custodian of the dead, but The dead are awake. The little girl is free of the earth. But there are no lullabies for the dead and if he’s going to live, Elton’s going to have to give her what she wants. Then, maybe, he can find peace for them both – in the grave or out.

    THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley
    Genre: Horror
    129 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727130
    It’s the eve of The Ripening as Gibson Blount discovers the secret history of an ancient race and the true outcome of Lucifer’s fall. Now, the fallen angel, Azazel, has horrific plans for Blount’s town…and the world. With the help of a local priest, a prostitute, an orphan, historical figure William Quantrill, and one of God’s chief angels, Blount must dig for truth and unearth secrets woven deeply within Time itself to uncover a supernatural plot put into motion by the Church to punish the Roanoke Puritans. The War in Heaven has been lost and the flesh of fallen angels hangs in the balance. An alternative 1860’s history Weird Western, The Flesh of Fallen Angels is filled with fast-paced action, intrigue, and good-versus-evil what-ifs.

    SCRAPS & CHUM by Ryan C. Thomas
    Short Story Collection
    Genre: Horror
    115 pages
    A collection of (mostly) previously unpublished stories by award-winning journalist and cult horror author Ryan C. Thomas. From zombies to monsters to ghosts and more, Thomas weaves unique tales that will send a chill up your spine.

    Genre: Horror
    140 pages
    ISBN: 9781937727277
    After an ancient tribe of sentinels disbands, the realm between Earth and Hell devolves into a land where vile beasts roam free and corruption reigns. In this aberrant land time is only relative, and pain can last forever. On Earth there are three strangers in search of something tangible, something real, something that gives meaning to their lives. Little do they know that a grisly murder in San Diego will mark the beginning of a series of events that will draw them to a world of madness, torture, and lawlessness where they will be forced to fight for their desires and their lives. Once in the realm of the In Between will they ever be the same again? Is there a way back home to Earth, or does Hell await?

  2. Hi,

    I couldn’t find a way to contact you more discreetly but I wondered if you would be willing to review and/or feature my latest novel ‘Conversations in the Abyss’? Here’s the cover blurb:

    Stealing Lazarus’s miracle gifted him immortality. Combined with his natural ability of invading and controlling people’s minds this made him one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

    But the miracle came with a price. His punishment was to be imprisoned within the walls of an ancient monastery and tormented by an invisible fire that burned his body perpetually. To escape the pain he retreated deep into his own mind.

    There he discovers the truth of the universe and that only he can stop the coming Apocalypse.




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    • jpthorn says:

      Beautiful. Just beautiful. This post brought a tear to my eye. Way to go man. You’ve don’t justice to this absolute masterpiece of a horror movie. Thank you.

  4. lauren says:

    Hi I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award to accept please follow the link at http://mykindofmovie.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/the-versatile-blogger-award-2/

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